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Medical Cleaning

Please Note: For insurance reasons, we do not offer COVID-19 related deep disinfection services.

Medical facilities – from Professional Medical Buildings to individual doctor’s premises to specialized facilities for assessment and rehabilitation, operating rooms, etc. present the cleaning company with a unique set of requirements. Depending on the nature of medical services offered, the traffic flow may be very high.

At the same time, the quality standard cannot be higher – medical facilities require absolute cleanliness and sanitation everywhere, on each visit.

Some medical equipment may not be touched, and there may be special requirements for X-Ray machines, liquid nitrogen storage, bio-hazardous materials disposal, client files and privacy issues – it is critical to have well trained cleaners who understand fully the implications of their work. Innocent cleaning mistakes – using the wrong chemical – could be not only costly, but tragic.

Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd. has accumulated the necessary experience to deliver the cleaning service to the high standard of medical environment – we have done it, and done it well.