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Building cleaning could mean one of two things – full building cleaning including all tenants (most frequently, but not always, when the building is over 20,000 sq.ft.), or just the common areas of a building, where individual tenants are responsible for their own cleaning arrangements. With our flexibility of service, we can accommodate either scenario.

The cleanliness and sanitation of the building are impacted by many factors, including the quality of HVAC systems, the age of the building and construction materials, type of windows, specific location, and of course the cleaning frequency and quality.

Well maintained and clean building will be better positioned to retain and to compete for tenants against similar properties.

Moreover, high quality cleaning will reduce operating and capital costs, especially painting and floor refinishing or replacement – all very costly projects. Finally, the health of the building and particularly its air quality will have a measurable and well researched impact on employee absenteeism and sick days – and tenants are well aware of it.

Operating a building is not easy – there are and there will be emergencies. Doors not locking, elevators stuck, overflowing toilets, leaking roofs. You have to make sure that the janitorial company you hire is able to respond in real time – we can and we do.

The bottom line – you, the landlord or Property Manager, will always be better off dealing with a professional cleaning company such as Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd.