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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning could mean one of two things – cleaning industrial machinery during periodic maintenance, or cleaning the offices, lunchrooms, change rooms, office and plant washrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, and showrooms.

The latter is not very different from the regular office cleaning, but generally the environment of an industrial facility is more “rough” that in a standalone office.

Frequently grease, oil, wood and metal shavings, fabric lint, etc. get carried from the production areas via HVAC or foot traffic into the office section of the building. From the cleaning standpoint, it is important to understand the internal workflow and the materials that contaminate the working environment of a daily basis, and to design the cleaning protocol with the right frequency and chemicals.

Budget efficiencies may be achieved with different areas of the facility being cleaned with varying degree of intensity. Over the years, we had saved our clients a lot of money by pointing out these opportunities, all without the reduction in overall quality.

As always, it pays dealing with a professional cleaning company, such as Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd. – we had done it all, and done it well.