About Us


Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd. Was Founded In 1988, Over 30 Years Ago

We have been providing Janitorial Services in the Greater Toronto Area since 1988.
From the beginning, we believed in the motto “under promise, over deliver.”
Instead of making exaggerated claims of perfection and empty promises of being “the best” – as some of our competitors do – we promise and deliver value to our clients.
By value, we mean the fluid combination of quality, price, and service. Together, we will decide on the optimum level of cleaning specifications and frequency to achieve the best quality while staying within your budget. Then, we will reliably deliver it to you, year after year. That is how we have grown, one employee at a time, into a professionally managed organization of over eighty people.

Our clients range from office of 2,000 sq.ft. to international retail chain Flagship Store, to critical warehousing facility in excess of 200,000 sq.ft. with round the clock cleaning. We clean full buildings, medical facilities, industrial plants and stand-alone offices. We do not clean banks and restaurants – we want our cleaners and supervisors to have a balanced life and keep, as much as possible, to reasonable work hours. This is how we earn the loyalty of our people and achieve a minimal turnover of staff, ultimately benefiting our clients as well.

We have an efficient accounting and administrative support, which allows us to concentrate on operations and deliver excellent quality to all our clients.

We are fully insured (five million dollars), bonded, and all employees are covered under the Work Safety & Insurance Board.

Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd. is a financially stable and strong company, with no outside debt, no lines of credit, etc.
We have an extensive, pro-active, pre-scheduled quality control program for all our work sites.
We hope to hear from you, and hopefully start cleaning your facilities as well!

Our Environmental Responsibility

We wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to chemicals, less is better. Our supply closets are not overflowing with cans, bottles, and aerosol sprays. Instead, we opt for neutral PH cleaners, natural vinegar, non-abrasive, and non-alkaline solutions.

We made the switch to Green products many years ago. That means using non-allergenic, odour free, and bio-degradable solutions. This choice ensures better health for your employees, our cleaners, and the wellbeing of the planet. Everyone benefits.