Covid 19 Disinfection Cleaning

We offer two levels of disinfection:

Option 1: We disinfect with Health Canada listed, Hospital grade disinfectant all shared surfaces. Door knobs, push plates, kitchen surfaces, fridges, dispensers, meeting room tables and chairs, lunchroom tables and chairs, reception counters, kitchen cupboard doors – any surface that is touched by more than one person.

This is typically done in conjunction with our regular cleaning of your premises, and the additional cost depends on the square footage of your premises and the frequency, or added frequency, of these tasks.

Option 2: We do a full disinfection of your premises, using an Electrostatic Sprayer (a gold-standard in disinfection delivery) with the same disinfecting solution as in Option 1 above.

An Electrostatic Sprayer delivers a very fine mist of the disinfecting solution that covers all surfaces on your premises. We do not recommend doing this treatment frequently. This treatment could be done prior to the reopening of the office, or on a need to do basis, in the event that someone in the office has tested positive to Covid-19.

Upon request, we can provide a quotation for your facility.