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When your business or office is very small, you can decide to clean it yourself, or to assign a willing staff member to do it – all to save money. Nothing wrong with it.

However, there comes a point when the trade off is simply not worth it – you get busy, your staff was hired for a totally different purpose, and the results are simply not there. You have reached the stage where you need to hire professional cleaning company –  to outsource this basic yet important  task.

Below are the reasons why hiring a professional cleaning company is the right approach.
1). You are hiring people with experience. It means that your architectural and interior design finishes – leather couches, wool rugs, artwork on the walls, hardwood floors, chrome faucets, bathroom tiles, etc. will not be damaged beyond repair by the use of wrong chemicals. Go to a cleaning section of any Home Improvement store, and you will find shelf after shelf of cleaning products. But, the truth is the vast majority of “mom and pop” cleaning companies have no idea of the acidity or alkalinity of these chemicals, what they do to the surfaces of your office or building, and how they interact.

2). You get a professional cleaning company with experienced supervisors who will check the quality of the cleaning of your premises at predetermined time intervals. If there is no supervisor, it means you end up doing the supervision.

3). In most cases, a professional cleaning company cleans your premises after your business hours, with no interference to your operations, delivering fresh and clean premises to your staff when they come back the next morning.

4). A professional cleaning company can replace cleaners who are not delivering results up to your standards. The cleaners may be sick, on vacation, or leave the company – the delivery of service to you will continue uninterrupted, without any inconvenience to your operations.

5). A professional cleaning company will repair broken equipment at no cost to you, and make sure that their operations incorporate the newest developments in chemistry, equipment, safety, and environmental standards applicable to your office, building, or industrial facility.

6). The bottom line – specialisation pays off. You get value, clean premises, and peace of mind.

Janitorial Services in Toronto- professionals in the cleaning janitorial industry for 31 years.

When and how to clean your windows?

The answer seems obvious – when they are dirty! But for commercial buildings, or offices located therein, the answer is a bit trickier, especially when your windows are located two floors or higher above ground (more about it later).
In Canada, with our short summers and long winters, the windows typically get cleaned twice per year – early spring and late fall. Critically, this task should be coordinated with your landlord, who is responsible (you should check your lease for details) for cleaning the outside windows, while the inside “perimeter” or “building envelope” windows are the responsibility of the tenant. It makes perfect sense to have both sides of your windows cleaned as closely together as possible.
For multi-story building owners, the choice is to clean “from above” – with a platform suspended from the roofing structure, or “from below”. In the past, almost all window cleaning was done from above. However, with the cost of this service rising exponentially, new equipment and techniques were developed for cleaning buildings up to six stories high ‘from below”. An operator stands next to truck-mounted water tank, and water is pumped through a telescopic, light weight pole with a washing brush attached at the end. The trick? The water is not your tap water. It is a water with special chemicals added, which ensure that there are no streaks left on the glass panels.
As for the frequency of window cleaning, you should consider your location and height – the closer you are to a busy highway or a construction site, the more frequently you will need to clean your windows. The higher you are in a multi-story building, the less frequent the cleaning.
Finally, the usual criteria of selecting your cleaning service provider apply – insurance, experience, references, etc. Office Cleaning Services in Toronto – Reliable Office Cleaners Ltd. – please call us for a no-obligation quotation.

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